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Just checking to see if you can see this. If you can see this, check out my dude prophetiko. I’m only mentioning him so I can provide more content to this post. Yeeeeeeeeeeeeee. That was the only image on my desktop. ūüėā

Buddha Peace Restoration Project Pt. 1

buddha peace

I don’t typically write about stuff like this, but right now, I just need a few minutes to vent and¬†bring things back into perspective. I need to restore Buddha Peace in my life, and this series is going to help me do that. Thank you for bearing with me! Begin buddha peace restoration mind dump in… 3… 2.. 1. First …

I’m Playing with Pharoahe Monch on 2/24/2017

Pharoahe Monch

Dreams do come true, kiddies! Don’t ever forget that. Somewhere inside, my inner-teenage-self is looking at me like “we did it”. I’ve been a fan of Pharoahe Monch since his Organized Konfusion days, and PM has been locked in as one of my top 5 favorite emcees for ALMOST 20 years. No joke! I still remember cruising around listening to …

Nomad Hip Hop – How to Ruin Everything

nomad hip hop

So, I’ve been struggling to keep up with this¬†blog, and totally forgot to share some pretty big news. Last month, I dropped the 2nd official¬†Nomad Hip Hop record, titled “How to Ruin Everything¬†(produced by DJ DN3). If you would like to hear it, search any of the popular streaming services for “Nomad Hip Hop”. You’ll find the album very easily. …

Apathy and Celph Titled – Handshakes With Snakes Tour

Apathy and Celph Titled

Every once in a while, I feel super lucky to be living out my childhood dreams. Tonight is no exception. I get to host the show for¬†2 of my favorite emcees, Apathy and Celph Titled. This will be the second time I’ll be hosting for them here in Phoenix. 21 year old Nick would be so proud of 35 year old Nick right now.

I still remember the first time I ever heard the Demigodz. The year was 2002. I went to Zia Records (40th st and Thunderbird) with my friend Cary Northrop. We were in search of the most obscure underground hip hop albums we could find, and wound up picking up “The Godz Must Be Crazy” which was part of the¬†Earplug Series from Ill Boogie (I also picked up Mars Ill from the same series, also a banger! But I digress).

Needless to say, by the time I heard the lyrics: “Yo I slip bitches rufies, snatch Muslim kufis /¬†Still steal from the store and sneak into the movies/
Playin old Nintendo on black and white TV’s /¬†I got illegal cable and burn all of my CDs” – I was completely hooked.

The Personal Impact of Apathy and Celph Titled:

The Demigodz (Apathy and Celph Titled) changed my life. I’m not even exaggerating. Their lyricism, personality, and production was off the charts (for that time). They introduced me to some of my favorite emcees: Louis Logic, Rise, and many others.

From the official Facebook event page:

Coolin Out Entertainment proudly presents the Handshakes with Snakes Tour featuring legendary underground hip hop artists Apathy & Celph Titledon August 17 at Bar Smith in Phoenix, Arizona.

There is no two ways about, Apathy and Celph Titled are highly regarded as some of the lillest lyricists in underground hip hop. Dominating the scene since the late 90’s, these guys have remained relevent with their witty verbage and powerful stage presense. Their abilty to capture and hold a crowd’s attention is truly nothing short of amazing.

Joining them on this tour will be N.M.E The Illest, PRODUCTofAMERIKA, and Krypto Man. Locally we have added one of Arizona’s dopest underground groups, Fated. Coolin Out DJ Squad residents Fact135 &Deejay Tricky T will be on the decks for your listening plesure as well.

Tickets are already available at the following link https://www.eventbrite.com/e/apathy-celph-titled-handshakes-w-snakes-tour-bar-smith-aug-17th-tickets-26859407210 or can be purchased at the Coolin Out LifeStyle Brand shop in Downtown Phoenix.

*****This is a 21+ Event*****

Vibrant Web Reviews: Pt. 1

Vibrant Web Review

Vibrant Web Reviews: Pt. 1 It’s probably not a huge surprise, I have a strong bias toward Vibrant Web. Considering I manage the web development team, it wouldn’t really be fair for me to write my own review about a company I am so heavily vested in. So, with that in mind, I’m going to share some customer reviews, so …